Gould Engineering Inc.

About Us:

Gould Engineering Inc. (GEI) was founded in 1975 on three business principals: Provide the highest quality finished product, using the state of the art materials and installation techniques backed up by the best warranties in the industry. Old fashioned American business practices, such as honesty, integrity, and pride in workmanship have propelled GEI to the top our field. GEI provides a full service paving company from design, project management, and on time job completion. Since 1975, GEI has earned hundreds of satisfied/repeat clients while paving over a million square feet. Let GEI serve you in your next paving project.

Safety Record:

GEI has always put top priority on job safety by putting in to place safety procedures second to none. We are a model of work place safety with the highest safety rating possible.


Recycled paving materials, bio-retention drainage systems, catch basin filters, semi-penetrable membranes along with solar, wind, hydro and geo-thermal power installations make GEI a “green” leader.

LEED “Green” Accredited Professional Credential:

LEED Professional Credentials demonstrate current knowledge of green building technologies, best practices, and the rapidly evolving LEED Rating Systems. They show differentiation in a growing and competitive industry, and they allow for varied levels of specialization. A LEED Professional Credential provides employers, policymakers, and other stakeholders with assurances of an individual’s level of competence and is the mark of the most qualified, educated, and influential green building professionals in the marketplace.